Sunday, November 30, 2008


Gosh I feel like I gained 20lbs these past 2 days. Eating,drinking... at least I was merry through it all! I got to see my friend Bridget, my cousins came down for Thanksgiving, hung out at my sisters friend's house last night. Fun fun...

Fun little survey to do...

What was your love life like a year ago?
Exact same as it is now

Have you ever had a serious conversation with your dad?
Yes, lots of wisdom infused....meaning of life type stuff.

Hook-up or the whole relationship thing?
Hook-up please, casually date too...

Who is your closest friend of the opposite sex?
Don't have too many guy friends but my cousin and I are close

Last person to make you smile?
My sister

Who can you blame for your bad mood today?

What was the last song you listened to?
Top Chef theme song

Name one person who is the most like you?
My fried Kristina from Cali. We have the same humor and demenor

What would you do if your best friend moved?
Wish her luck. I'd be sad but it would be a different place to visit

What is something you really want right now?
A glass of water....

What are you doing this coming weekend?
Well it's Saturday, my life has been pretty fun lately. Maybe shooting a wedding. Not spending to much $$

Do you have any fun plans for today?
Tomorrow I plan on doing random errands, job hunting, yuck.

Is there anyone that you care more about than yourself?
My sister and parents

Last person who held your hand?
A guy I met out a couple weeks ago

What are you listening to at the moment?
Silence. yuck I'm depressing

Do you like to have long hair or short hair?
I'm getting sick of my long hair....uh oh

Do you want to cut your hair?
Yes but everyone says nooo

Are you in a good mood? If yes, Why?
I'm tired but feeling creative, hence this survey

When was the last time you wanted to punch someone in their face?
Hmmm punch? Not sure of anyone lately

Do you think your ex still likes you?

What is wrong with you right now?
I'm tired, overly full and feel gross

Did you ever waste too much time on a certain boy or girl?
I'm the queen of thinking everyone is my soulmate

Are you slowly drifting away from someone?
Eh...people always are coming and going.

Would you kiss an ugly person for $1,000?

Has someone close to you passed away this year?
My dog:-( still sad

Do you watch "The Hills"?
Yes it's a guilty pleasure

Last CD you Played?
My mixed one of soul music

What are you thinking about right now?
My ex boyfriends for some reason

Wearing any bracelets?

What were you doing at midnight last night?
Drinking/hanging with the girls

Have you ever gone to a beach?
I live 10 minutes from the beach

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Orange Sherbert

How long does it take you to get ready?
I'm pretty fast, but I get sidetracked a lot

What are you wearing?
Victorias Secret patterned pajama pants and a purple tank top

When was the last time you smiled?
I'm half smiling right now!

Good night....Off to bed.


HangryPants said...

Hi Erin, Just checking to see if you got your ProBars? I am going to contact them if you didn't yet so let me know!


Anonymous said...

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