Friday, November 7, 2008

There is a house in New Orleans......


A lot has happened in the last 12 hours.

I recently got a call from the company I had an interview with to shoot a documentary for the Sugar Bowl, and.......

They want me to shoot the documentary!!!!

It's funny I had no idea what the Sugar Bowl was, or that is was in New Orleans, but I'm going from December 30th to January 3rd and well I have absolutely no clue what equipment I'll have, who I'll be with or where I'll be staying. So this is my official first PAID business trip and I hope I have many more! I just can't believe I'm getting paid to go on a trip to shoot video, which is what I love doing. Everything DOES HAPPEN FOR A REASON.

My friend Kim told me about this book called, "The Secret", I'm sure you've heard of it. It's motto is to think about what you want to happen and it will. I wanted this job and believed I would get it and I did. Haha, I may be sounding like an extreme optimist but every time I've used this mantra, it's worked for the most part.

My good friend from college is also passing my resume onto a film producer who works in her building in Philly. We'll see if anything happens. If her and I worked in the same building my life would be complete.

So, this sure beats my self-loathing previous posts about the world and the job market. Even though still no "full-time" job has been landed, I hope this opportunity leads me to new ventures, or just to New Orleans, on New Years? Hopefully I'll get to party a little, hahahaha.

I'm shooting a wedding tomorrow in Hammonton with my co-worker Jay. He's my age so things are usually pretty chill. My friend Jess did know him from high school and told me a pretty incriminating story involving him, his ___ a picture and a piercing. Hmmm.... I can't seem to get this out of my head. And to think I was slightly attracted to him. Maybe I still am, hahahahaha. No one that reads this will tell.

So, Life is good, and has always come around and helped me out when I needed it!

So for music today, I really love Kings of Leon lately and love "Use Somebody" and "Sex on Fire". Trust me, listening to them once won't do it, you'll think it's nothing special. But listen to them again and you'll see what I mean.

Peace, Love, and Future Ventures,

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