Friday, November 14, 2008

Positively 4th Street

Had the interview....

And it went VERY WELL! He said I could start off doing part-time odds and ends and office work. I'd also get to goto the film shoots! He's going to call me next week.... to confirm I guess? Honestly I would do ANYTHING (almost!) to just work in film production. He was such an interesting man, not creepy at all just interesting. He paints, does real estate, antique appraisal. He also asked me the most random questions on my interview like.

1. Do you smoke?
2. Have you ever been injured?
3. Are you married (um errr haha)

Whats the weirdest interview questions you've ever been asked?

My best friend Ashley works in the building, who got me the interview, and we went to Java on 4th street for lunch. I had a mozzerella, basil and tomato baquette which was delicious and fresh tasting. I really liked the area the building was in. It is a magnified version of small town Fort Collins, but still eclectic. The commute was about an hour and a half, which if I work out hours I think I can pull-off.

It's weird when you're on the brink of a life change, or on the brink of a let down. I picture myself standing on the edge of an airplane waiting to freefall and it makes my stomach jump. It's these moments in your life though that when you look back on them you daydream about the excitement you felt. I love uncertainty and chaos, unlike others. So I'm going to wait with bated breath for the biggest news of my life.... Translation... I will be going out with my friends tonight and placing all this in the back of my head.

Song of the day: Days Like This - Van Morrison & Positively 4th Street - Bob Dylan (it just seems appropriate:-)

Have a good weekend....

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