Sunday, November 9, 2008

Let the seasons begin... it rolls right on

Sooo, I first heard this song over the summer when I listened to a CD my sister burned. The song is "Elephant Gun" by Beirut. I just stumbled on it again and wow. It is soooo beautiful and at the same time unlike anything I've heard in a while.

When I shut my eyes I'm in a small village dancing around in a flowery skirt with the mariachi band playing. It's AMAZING. Listen here:

The video is out there, but pretty passionate. I think you could describe it best as "drunken splendor". Ahhh.... flowery, vibrant and melodic.

Side note.... It's happened. I've been bit by the vampire bug. Actually my friend Sonia has gotten me obsessed with "True Blood" and has RAVED about Twilight for the past 2 weeks. True Blood is in that phase right now where it will either take off or crash. I think it's intriguing except that lead girl Suki annoys me. The concept is interesting and it plays on the whole good vs. evil card. She said she read the book in 4 days and it's 600 pages AND she hates to read. The series has nothing to do with the book/movie except for the fact that there are vampires involved.

I don't know why this has such an appeal to me. I'm usually down for "The Office" type TV. I watch "Entourage" on Sundays and True Blood is on before. I feel like I've always made fun of "vampire-eqsue" pop culture until now. Maybe I feel like vampires are kinda hot, in the mysterious, kinda eclectic types I usually fall for, who suck the life out of you on their disposal, haha. Sooner or later I'm going to be ordering red wine at bars and using pale cover-up. Watch out. HAHA. I'm buying the book tomorrow to see what all the actual fuss is about. Until then, I'll have to simply assume I was put under hypnosis which caused the obsession.

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