Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good things happen to those who wait

About a week ago I wrote about job hunting etc.... and I LITERALLY have been going insane with job interviews/ resume submissions etc... I probably applied to 40 jobs in the past week. The freak out happened 2 days ago when I checked my bank account and realized I could not pay my rent this month. It was a translation for failure in my eyes that my parents had to bail me out this month. I was this crazy 20 year old who had big plans of moving across the country to get a job, a life and a new perspective and it blew up in my face.... until....

I took a deep breath, realized things COULD be worse and just kept with the job hunt. I swear when your jobless you feel every other person around you is successful, happy, in love and perfect, and you're the opposite. The grass is definitaly greener on the other side that's for sure. So anyway, I checked my e-mail this morning and the film company from Broomfield wrote me and offered me a freelance position (short-term for now) of digitizing and authorizing their footage. I was ESCTATIC! Not only was this a job, but a job at a company that does what I love to do! The people at this company knew the people from my old job in Loveland so they probably put in a good word for me. I hope that by starting out doing this job with them, I could move to editing or producing with them! I still need benefits, I still need security of a salaried position, but one step at a time. I can pay my rent, the end. So yay, things are looking up for me.

Besides the job thing, life has bee good. Kelly came up over the weekend and me, her, Molly, and Nathan went biking Saturday and after went to all 3 breweries in Fort Collins for some free samples. It was so much fun (pics above). I also went to a country bar last week and loved it! I attempted line dancing it was hilarious. LOTS of cowboys.

It may have been because it was a "bad time of the month" or just the job stress, but my emotions over the past 2 days had been up and down. I would cry then feel ok then see a sad commercial (umm the one with the toyota with the kids that says at the end "The best nights don't end with TV) and a family is camping) or hear a nostalgic song and be all over the place.

Tonight I am going to volunteer meeting for trail volunteers in the area for something to do on the weekends with good people. I've always wanted to do trail maintenence so we'll see how it goes.

Kelly's party is Friday and Superbowl is Sunday (I think we're hanging out with these sweet kids we met last Sunday).

It's funny though that during my time of uncertainty I didn't write on here. It's almost like I put my indulgences on hold.

As for me, I have been going to the gym a lot, and ran on the treadmill yesterday for 25 mins (2 minute break intervals haha I know I am pathetic). I think I got to comfortable with the eliptical and need more of a challenge s I am slowly going work up to longer on the treadmill. I am not the best runner though I need to get a better technique. ALSO, Bridget's wedding is in July and I'm in it (yay!) so I wanna look good. I've been eating well (except for the day we did the brewery we all went nuts with food) and feel good. Dana comes to CO in 20 days and my mom is visiting in March.

Seriously, I can vouch for the saying, "This too shall pass".... because even though it seems like it never will, life cuts you a break.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Job Limbo

-- ride to interview

So my first week back has been pretty busy despite the fact that I am not working. I've had 2 interviews, one for a film company the other for the IT department for the county. I also also applied where Molly works Cafe' Vino, which seems like a fun place. It so annoying because they both said they'd let me know in the next week soooo... I can't apply for jobs while I am waiting to here from others. It's a Catch-22 - I think the number in the phrase "Catch 22" is fitting for most 22 year olds. You have to get a job but have little experience, and you need experience to get the job. UGH. The IT job seems ok, maybe a little blah de blah but pays well (and is one the road I live on) the film company is 50 minutes away and seems like my ideal place of employment (media, events, editing, promos, shoots, etc.. etc...) I feel I made a good impression with both but who friggin' knows.

I started interning at 99.9 The Point today and I think I am going to like it there. It's very laid-back, and I cannot wait to start going to events etc... Today I labeled CDs and logged them hahaha, I didn't even mind because I got to listen to the music of the station during it. My supervisor is also really chill, she'd definitaly be someone I could hang out with.

Besides that work stuff, life is good. We went up to Horsetooth 2 days ago and had a photo shoot and monday I walked through this prairie and saw 100 prairie dogs! It was so cool and a beautiful walk (see above). I got a metal NOSTY basket put on my cruiser so I can bring things with me (such as books, snacks, wallets, beers ya know...) Molly and I went food shopping Sunday and got so much healthy food so I've been eating really well so far. I wanna start logging what I eat on here everyday to remember, but it always slips my mind to. I am actually on Molly's MAC book right now and my computer always freaks out when I try to load pics on it. ugh. I made spaghetti squash last night with turkey meatballs and marinara and it was SO GOOD! I am becoming quite the chef.

We want to goto New Belgium tonight for the brew tour but Molly may not get back till 4:30. I've been to the gym twice (EEK) since I've been back so I'll be going today. (I missed yoga soooo much). I went to a class yesterday and there was a very cute guy there. When my warrior pose faced his way I always stared at him.... Oh Fort Collins guys, I've missed you dearly....

That's basically the gist of my life. AND we got our gas bill today (183 dollars) our landlord knows he needs to insulate our windows because thats out of control. And our guy roommate who left and is in Iraq did not contribute anything to it. Bills are so pleasant aren't they?

OK well I'm relaxing for a bit then gym. Tonight I'm making something with edamame and noodles I think, yum...

Dana's visiting in a month, I hope definitaly!


Song of the day - Snow - RHCP (good lyrics, and I am cold, haha)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Back in the CO

<---Max and I on the bay. New Jersey is beautiful in some parts (for you skeptics:-)

Hello from Colorado, again!

This will probably be a pretty long time until I can fly home again (stupid high prices), and it was an emotional goodbye in New Jersey. I just got so comfortable being home (and having no worries) but that is not real life basically. I was feeling bummed and then when I got off the plane I saw the mountains and felt a lot better, realizing why I moved out here in the first place. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, and that's the decision I made.

Since I've been back I've been having so much fun though. Literally in the first 2 hours I was back Kelly arrived, Brook came over and we all made dinner and had some wine. It was pretty much like nothing had changed. I'm lucky to have friends who I can laugh with out here. We went out for a bit & I'm pretty sure I was delirious by the end of the night, not to sure if it was the altitude or the blue moons. I tried this wine called Little Black Dress and it was reasonably priced and pretty good (I fell for a marketing scheme of buying it cause the bottle was pretty haha). Kelly's having a Sex Toy party in 2 weeks! I am actually excited for it. It should be interesting! Last night Brook and I went out (Molly had work at 5am, ugh) and met up with my friend Ashley from Tennessee. She's the sweetest girl ever and her boyfriend and his friend were really nice. He even bought Brook and I a drink. Brook also wrote this poem about turtles which is friggin' hilarious but good as well, and she recited it last night. I'll have to get a copy of it.

AND THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT was eating my GYRO! They are so good and the boys that work there are cute little gyro makers. Going out in Fort Collins is always interesting and fun.

I have 2 job interviews this week & I start at the radio station Thursday. I'm hoping for the best but preparing myself for the worst so we'll see how it goes....

I miss my family and friends.....it's all good in Colorado though so I can't complain.


Song of the day - "Up On Cripple Creek" - Grateful Dead

Monday, January 7, 2008

Low-key Monday

Today was pretty low key but a lot of fun.

Dana and I took Max for a walk all the way to the bay and I took a TON of pretty beach pics. I'm gonna miss the beach when I go back. Then we made homemade mini-pizzas and watched Sex And The City (which I am still doing now). When I'm hanging out with my sister I can be lazy and not feel guilty about it. My life is gonna be busy and back to normal soon so I'm indulging why I can.

I'm excited to go back. I miss my friends, house, fort collins etc...

I forgot how much I love Sex And The City. It's so clever and entertaining. It makes me wanna get all my friends together and be girly and stupid haha. I can't wait for the movie in May!

Alright, I have to go finish season 6, ha.

And the weather was gorgeous today, soooo beautiful.

Song of the day - "Sea Of Love" Cat Power - JUNO Soundtrack
~ Prettiest voice and song, it makes me smile

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Stuck in a broken down jitneyyyy

Everyone who went to AC for Kim & Heather's birthday.

Daryl and I in Game On.....then we all headed over to Firewater, danced, Heather won 200$, went to an Irish Pub, I did a car bomb and nearly fell over. The Jitney was SUCH a good idea... up until on our way back the transmission blew and we were all pretty much gone by then so NONE of us took it seriously and were just laughing. It toko the other Jitney over an hour to get there in the freezing cold. I was laughing so hard. Kim had a crazy night... almost got in a fight with a girl, danced with an old guy. I met some cool kids at The Irish Pub from Indiana (I think?) It was something out of a movie though. Luke walks into the middle of the Jitney after it brokedown and says (totally serious) "This is survival of the fittest". It made NO SENSE but was so funny. We all felt like we were on survivor. I had the best time and miss crazy nights like that so much.

R.I.P Jitney

We were getting hated on all night. The first bar carded us 10 times, then Luke & his friend got kicked out of Firewater for trying to dance with us on the stage, and Kim danced with some girls boyfriend accidently so the girl shoved her and Laina almost busted a cap on the girl, it was hilarious and ridiculous. Guidos galore, some pretty sweet guys though (I notice most of the normal guys hang out at the Irish Pubs)

So today Dana and I saw Juno AGAIN and I LOVED IT AGAIN. If you love sarcasm, smart humor and want to laugh and cry see it, ha.

Ugh....always the day after I drink I am so friggin' lazy. I'm gonna miss this laziness when I head back to CO:-(

This year has been great so far, I think '08 is gonna be sick.

Song of the day - "Anyone Else But" - The Moldy Peaches (JUNO SOUNDTRACK)

Friday, January 4, 2008

Does that make me crazy?


Sooo. I had the craziest dream last night.
I was on an island and had to save my sister and everyone from a huge tidal wave coming! Then I was being filmed in a movie during the whole thing. It was a bug out. I always have dreams where there is a bridge and I have to cross it because of a natural disaster. Maybe I'm feeling like I'm at a cross-roads in my life and the past is trying to pull me back... by a tidal wave? I don't know. I've always been pretty fascinated with dream meanings.

Went to the gym today for about an hour and 15. I love my new ipod it's so fun to have at the gym. Then got coffee and came back home and for some reason decided to clean the whole kitchen and stove, to help my mom I guess.

Sooo.... for another bizzaro addition to today. I was walking Max and glanced on the roof of my house and there was a HUGE vulture just chilling on the roof. AND a bunch of them circling my house. Of course my dad had to say something like "It's a bad omen! And it was over your roof!" It was so freaky. Those things are the scum of the animal kingdom.

Today, choosing to eat healthier I've only had an 100 calorie pack. Not to healthy, but working out curbs my appetite. I think Daryl, Kim and I will prob. go somewhere to eat dinner, being that we love going out to eat.

Kim and I were watching this show last night called "Solitaire" and it's addicting. They have 9 people in these small confined places and have a computer talk to them and tell them to complete these tests, and if the people can't handle it they can quit. The tests are supposed to make you feel crazy. One was them spinning on a chair for like an hour then matching color blocks. I don't know. There's something interesting about watching people in total solitude lose their minds that gets me interested, ha. Crazyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Gotta go shower now. By the way, "I'm Not There" was a good movie. Def. not for everyone. I think people were expecting a bio-pic and that's not what the movie was trying to do. It shows how Bob never was really "there" so to speak and the way he was usually perceived was by him mirroring certain people throughout his life. Cate Blanchett was ridiculously/eerily/amazingly so good in this movie as Bob's whacked out phase/brilliant years/crazy years. Heath Ledger is just hot, Richard Gere was eh... & when "Simple Twist of Fate" came on I was like ahhhh... the scenes during that are moving and I love that song so much, and talk about it all the time. Bob was crazy, but who isn't these days.

AC Tomorrow for Kim & Heather's Birthday. I hope it's as fun as last time was!


PS - Britney Spears is in mental lock down.....I hope the keep her there.

Song of the Day: "One More Cup Of Coffee" - Bob Dylan - sick song

Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Jersey

--messing with my digital camera in the dark to see the "dark" treatment, haha.

Being home has been awesome so far. I went to Renault Winery with my family the day before New Years and this was my meal. It was delicioussssss & my digital camera has an option called "cuisine" hahahaha. Here was my seafood dinner (look at that close up!) & the spinach salad with rasberry dressing. Best salad EVER:

--I'm such a dork.

It's soooo cold today. I tried taking Max for a walk but we cut it short cause my face basically felt like it was falling off. Daryl and I went to Calloways last night and saw some pretty interesting karaoke. One man in a dress shirt who looked like a dad was singing "Let The Bodies Hit The Floor".

It's actually so obvious how TV is making me feel even more gross by playing shows like "Fat Camp" & "Biggest Loser". And now I am going to meet Kim for lunch hahaha. My day is so eventful.

Is it even possible my whole sleeping schedule is still thrown off from New Years?

Alright lata!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

While my trick ass mofo guitar gently weeps, word.

http://news.aol.com/entertainment/music/music-news-story/ar/_a/rappers-blending-beatles-into-hip-hop/20080102065609990001 ---- sad sad sad..... It's a shitty stolen hook and a shitty thing to do to a classic song. I respect certain hip-hop artists who collaborate with rock legends, mostly because they get permission and rights to do so. I honestly believe most hip-hop is recycled hooks with rhymes. Don't get me wrong, I love me some good beats to dance to, hahaha, (Jay-z mostly) but most of these rap stars need a wake-up call, and some creativity that doesn't involve butchering original music or repeating themselves 5 million times. Ok I'm done.

-- see for yourself

Happy 2008! My New Years was a blast. Now back to watching "I'm Not There" on the computer with speed going slower than EVER. 30 more minutes, then I'm reviewing it!

Jack Johnson's new album comes out Feb. 8th. I cannot wait. I love Jack and always will, just as long as he doesn't come out with something called "Brushfire Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Come Together Rodeo Clown mix", ha.