Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Good things happen to those who wait

About a week ago I wrote about job hunting etc.... and I LITERALLY have been going insane with job interviews/ resume submissions etc... I probably applied to 40 jobs in the past week. The freak out happened 2 days ago when I checked my bank account and realized I could not pay my rent this month. It was a translation for failure in my eyes that my parents had to bail me out this month. I was this crazy 20 year old who had big plans of moving across the country to get a job, a life and a new perspective and it blew up in my face.... until....

I took a deep breath, realized things COULD be worse and just kept with the job hunt. I swear when your jobless you feel every other person around you is successful, happy, in love and perfect, and you're the opposite. The grass is definitaly greener on the other side that's for sure. So anyway, I checked my e-mail this morning and the film company from Broomfield wrote me and offered me a freelance position (short-term for now) of digitizing and authorizing their footage. I was ESCTATIC! Not only was this a job, but a job at a company that does what I love to do! The people at this company knew the people from my old job in Loveland so they probably put in a good word for me. I hope that by starting out doing this job with them, I could move to editing or producing with them! I still need benefits, I still need security of a salaried position, but one step at a time. I can pay my rent, the end. So yay, things are looking up for me.

Besides the job thing, life has bee good. Kelly came up over the weekend and me, her, Molly, and Nathan went biking Saturday and after went to all 3 breweries in Fort Collins for some free samples. It was so much fun (pics above). I also went to a country bar last week and loved it! I attempted line dancing it was hilarious. LOTS of cowboys.

It may have been because it was a "bad time of the month" or just the job stress, but my emotions over the past 2 days had been up and down. I would cry then feel ok then see a sad commercial (umm the one with the toyota with the kids that says at the end "The best nights don't end with TV) and a family is camping) or hear a nostalgic song and be all over the place.

Tonight I am going to volunteer meeting for trail volunteers in the area for something to do on the weekends with good people. I've always wanted to do trail maintenence so we'll see how it goes.

Kelly's party is Friday and Superbowl is Sunday (I think we're hanging out with these sweet kids we met last Sunday).

It's funny though that during my time of uncertainty I didn't write on here. It's almost like I put my indulgences on hold.

As for me, I have been going to the gym a lot, and ran on the treadmill yesterday for 25 mins (2 minute break intervals haha I know I am pathetic). I think I got to comfortable with the eliptical and need more of a challenge s I am slowly going work up to longer on the treadmill. I am not the best runner though I need to get a better technique. ALSO, Bridget's wedding is in July and I'm in it (yay!) so I wanna look good. I've been eating well (except for the day we did the brewery we all went nuts with food) and feel good. Dana comes to CO in 20 days and my mom is visiting in March.

Seriously, I can vouch for the saying, "This too shall pass".... because even though it seems like it never will, life cuts you a break.


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