Monday, January 7, 2008

Low-key Monday

Today was pretty low key but a lot of fun.

Dana and I took Max for a walk all the way to the bay and I took a TON of pretty beach pics. I'm gonna miss the beach when I go back. Then we made homemade mini-pizzas and watched Sex And The City (which I am still doing now). When I'm hanging out with my sister I can be lazy and not feel guilty about it. My life is gonna be busy and back to normal soon so I'm indulging why I can.

I'm excited to go back. I miss my friends, house, fort collins etc...

I forgot how much I love Sex And The City. It's so clever and entertaining. It makes me wanna get all my friends together and be girly and stupid haha. I can't wait for the movie in May!

Alright, I have to go finish season 6, ha.

And the weather was gorgeous today, soooo beautiful.

Song of the day - "Sea Of Love" Cat Power - JUNO Soundtrack
~ Prettiest voice and song, it makes me smile

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