Friday, January 4, 2008

Does that make me crazy?


Sooo. I had the craziest dream last night.
I was on an island and had to save my sister and everyone from a huge tidal wave coming! Then I was being filmed in a movie during the whole thing. It was a bug out. I always have dreams where there is a bridge and I have to cross it because of a natural disaster. Maybe I'm feeling like I'm at a cross-roads in my life and the past is trying to pull me back... by a tidal wave? I don't know. I've always been pretty fascinated with dream meanings.

Went to the gym today for about an hour and 15. I love my new ipod it's so fun to have at the gym. Then got coffee and came back home and for some reason decided to clean the whole kitchen and stove, to help my mom I guess.

Sooo.... for another bizzaro addition to today. I was walking Max and glanced on the roof of my house and there was a HUGE vulture just chilling on the roof. AND a bunch of them circling my house. Of course my dad had to say something like "It's a bad omen! And it was over your roof!" It was so freaky. Those things are the scum of the animal kingdom.

Today, choosing to eat healthier I've only had an 100 calorie pack. Not to healthy, but working out curbs my appetite. I think Daryl, Kim and I will prob. go somewhere to eat dinner, being that we love going out to eat.

Kim and I were watching this show last night called "Solitaire" and it's addicting. They have 9 people in these small confined places and have a computer talk to them and tell them to complete these tests, and if the people can't handle it they can quit. The tests are supposed to make you feel crazy. One was them spinning on a chair for like an hour then matching color blocks. I don't know. There's something interesting about watching people in total solitude lose their minds that gets me interested, ha. Crazyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Gotta go shower now. By the way, "I'm Not There" was a good movie. Def. not for everyone. I think people were expecting a bio-pic and that's not what the movie was trying to do. It shows how Bob never was really "there" so to speak and the way he was usually perceived was by him mirroring certain people throughout his life. Cate Blanchett was ridiculously/eerily/amazingly so good in this movie as Bob's whacked out phase/brilliant years/crazy years. Heath Ledger is just hot, Richard Gere was eh... & when "Simple Twist of Fate" came on I was like ahhhh... the scenes during that are moving and I love that song so much, and talk about it all the time. Bob was crazy, but who isn't these days.

AC Tomorrow for Kim & Heather's Birthday. I hope it's as fun as last time was!


PS - Britney Spears is in mental lock down.....I hope the keep her there.

Song of the Day: "One More Cup Of Coffee" - Bob Dylan - sick song

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