Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Jersey

--messing with my digital camera in the dark to see the "dark" treatment, haha.

Being home has been awesome so far. I went to Renault Winery with my family the day before New Years and this was my meal. It was delicioussssss & my digital camera has an option called "cuisine" hahahaha. Here was my seafood dinner (look at that close up!) & the spinach salad with rasberry dressing. Best salad EVER:

--I'm such a dork.

It's soooo cold today. I tried taking Max for a walk but we cut it short cause my face basically felt like it was falling off. Daryl and I went to Calloways last night and saw some pretty interesting karaoke. One man in a dress shirt who looked like a dad was singing "Let The Bodies Hit The Floor".

It's actually so obvious how TV is making me feel even more gross by playing shows like "Fat Camp" & "Biggest Loser". And now I am going to meet Kim for lunch hahaha. My day is so eventful.

Is it even possible my whole sleeping schedule is still thrown off from New Years?

Alright lata!

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Most Prepossessing said...

I watched a show last night called "I Eat 33,000 calories a day" on TLC. It actually made me feel better about my gluttinous ways.