Wednesday, January 2, 2008

While my trick ass mofo guitar gently weeps, word. ---- sad sad sad..... It's a shitty stolen hook and a shitty thing to do to a classic song. I respect certain hip-hop artists who collaborate with rock legends, mostly because they get permission and rights to do so. I honestly believe most hip-hop is recycled hooks with rhymes. Don't get me wrong, I love me some good beats to dance to, hahaha, (Jay-z mostly) but most of these rap stars need a wake-up call, and some creativity that doesn't involve butchering original music or repeating themselves 5 million times. Ok I'm done.

-- see for yourself

Happy 2008! My New Years was a blast. Now back to watching "I'm Not There" on the computer with speed going slower than EVER. 30 more minutes, then I'm reviewing it!

Jack Johnson's new album comes out Feb. 8th. I cannot wait. I love Jack and always will, just as long as he doesn't come out with something called "Brushfire Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Come Together Rodeo Clown mix", ha.

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