Sunday, January 13, 2008

Back in the CO

<---Max and I on the bay. New Jersey is beautiful in some parts (for you skeptics:-)

Hello from Colorado, again!

This will probably be a pretty long time until I can fly home again (stupid high prices), and it was an emotional goodbye in New Jersey. I just got so comfortable being home (and having no worries) but that is not real life basically. I was feeling bummed and then when I got off the plane I saw the mountains and felt a lot better, realizing why I moved out here in the first place. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, and that's the decision I made.

Since I've been back I've been having so much fun though. Literally in the first 2 hours I was back Kelly arrived, Brook came over and we all made dinner and had some wine. It was pretty much like nothing had changed. I'm lucky to have friends who I can laugh with out here. We went out for a bit & I'm pretty sure I was delirious by the end of the night, not to sure if it was the altitude or the blue moons. I tried this wine called Little Black Dress and it was reasonably priced and pretty good (I fell for a marketing scheme of buying it cause the bottle was pretty haha). Kelly's having a Sex Toy party in 2 weeks! I am actually excited for it. It should be interesting! Last night Brook and I went out (Molly had work at 5am, ugh) and met up with my friend Ashley from Tennessee. She's the sweetest girl ever and her boyfriend and his friend were really nice. He even bought Brook and I a drink. Brook also wrote this poem about turtles which is friggin' hilarious but good as well, and she recited it last night. I'll have to get a copy of it.

AND THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT was eating my GYRO! They are so good and the boys that work there are cute little gyro makers. Going out in Fort Collins is always interesting and fun.

I have 2 job interviews this week & I start at the radio station Thursday. I'm hoping for the best but preparing myself for the worst so we'll see how it goes....

I miss my family and's all good in Colorado though so I can't complain.


Song of the day - "Up On Cripple Creek" - Grateful Dead

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