Friday, February 8, 2008

Day in Day out

Soo this week has basically been the most ridiculously overworked week I have ever had. I have been freelancing in Broomfield from 8am to 5 and yesterday went directly from Brookfield to Cafe Vino till 10. I am feeling delirious. The only ME time I've had is when I am sleeping. It's an unreal sad feeling. I just can't fathom how I would ever do this the rest of my life, (work 12 hours a day). Thankfully Broomfield ends today but I'm stuck here copying CDS for my project (WHICH TAKES FOOOOORRRREEEVVERRR) and I have Cafe Vino again tonight at 5. I seriously seriously need extreme fun tomorrow or I'll freak out.

Besides working I am still interning one day a week at 99.9 which is fun, and I went to Denver Friday for Kelly's "Passion Party" which was so funny. I have been eating horribly because I never have time to.

Ok well I'm done complaining. I need a weeks worth of yoga after this week.

In Broomfield I've been editing footage of the National Western Stock Show (I knowwww), and also this pre-school promo they are doing which wasn't bad at all.

Cafe Vino is sweet, there is just soooo many people to get to know. I am basically helping out when I am there getting dishes, helping bring out plates, water etc.... ya know brain surgery. I honestly don't even care that it has nothing to do with my hopes, dreams, aspirations... in the words of Boston, "All I want is to have a piece of mind"............

I met a girl at Vino who is 32 and worked in the parks up until she moved back to CO. She's 32 working as a waitress and happy. I'm not saying that's my ultimate goal but bottom line is, she's happy.

I can't say I am miserable, but I am not liking my life this week.
But one good thing is......
Anddddd Dana comes in 13 days!
Bridget's wedding is in July and is going to be SICK!

I got 4 free CDS from the radio station, RHCP "Stadium Arcadium", Ingrid Michealson, Maroon 5 and The Killers. I LOVE RHCP's CD. the others are pretty good too.

Alright I seriously need to get out of here before I freak.

Song of the day - "Piece of mind" - Boston

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