Sunday, January 6, 2008

Stuck in a broken down jitneyyyy

Everyone who went to AC for Kim & Heather's birthday.

Daryl and I in Game On.....then we all headed over to Firewater, danced, Heather won 200$, went to an Irish Pub, I did a car bomb and nearly fell over. The Jitney was SUCH a good idea... up until on our way back the transmission blew and we were all pretty much gone by then so NONE of us took it seriously and were just laughing. It toko the other Jitney over an hour to get there in the freezing cold. I was laughing so hard. Kim had a crazy night... almost got in a fight with a girl, danced with an old guy. I met some cool kids at The Irish Pub from Indiana (I think?) It was something out of a movie though. Luke walks into the middle of the Jitney after it brokedown and says (totally serious) "This is survival of the fittest". It made NO SENSE but was so funny. We all felt like we were on survivor. I had the best time and miss crazy nights like that so much.

R.I.P Jitney

We were getting hated on all night. The first bar carded us 10 times, then Luke & his friend got kicked out of Firewater for trying to dance with us on the stage, and Kim danced with some girls boyfriend accidently so the girl shoved her and Laina almost busted a cap on the girl, it was hilarious and ridiculous. Guidos galore, some pretty sweet guys though (I notice most of the normal guys hang out at the Irish Pubs)

So today Dana and I saw Juno AGAIN and I LOVED IT AGAIN. If you love sarcasm, smart humor and want to laugh and cry see it, ha.

Ugh....always the day after I drink I am so friggin' lazy. I'm gonna miss this laziness when I head back to CO:-(

This year has been great so far, I think '08 is gonna be sick.

Song of the day - "Anyone Else But" - The Moldy Peaches (JUNO SOUNDTRACK)

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