Thursday, November 29, 2007

Get by with a little help from my friends...

Sooo, this week was pretty much awesome. Sonia and Marisa came up and we showed them the scenic parts of Foco and the nightlife! The first night we ate delicious food at Coopersmiths, but we soon realized spicy food and beer makes your stomach churn. It was a fun night. We did a Poudre Canyon Drop-off shot which also could explain our stomachs. The next day we drove up 14 and saw sights up The Poudre River. Then that night we started off getting Cappocinis (spelling) coffee and vodka, then sushi at Suheros (YUM by the way) and went to Old Chicago. I played like 100 songs on the jukebox and as always we had a ridiculously fun night. We rented Waitress yesterday. It was a decent movie. It was so cool having a friend from home see where I live out here. I can't believe they drove all the way from AZ. I love my friends.

One week till NJ! I am so excited its not even funny. I gained 10 pounds prob. over the past 2 days so I'm going to be miserable but eat good food all week.

Tomorrow night is Molly's work party at the Hilton so that'll be fun. I'm working all weekend to get hours in, but who cares because I'll have all month off to be with the people I love!!!!

Since the Office is a part of the Writers Strike, no new episode. Grey's Anatomy was soooo good last week though so the second part should be SWEET.

Besides Sonia's visit nothing else too exciting in my life. I'm sad to leave work next week. I love it here:-(

Snow maybe tomorrow!!! AHHH!

Song of the day - "Sweet Thing" - Van Morrison

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