Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas really is all around

Hello from New Jersey!

Sooo I'm Home For The Holidaysssss. I'm loving it because it reminds me of my carefree days of not having to worry about money. I get to see my family and friends everyday and that's the best part, (and the rain, I miss rain, I know I'm weird). It's weird when I tell people I moved to Colorado because everyone reacts like "woahhhhhh". So far I've had a pretty fun time being home. I hung out with Kim a lot, clearly and we all hung out a Daryls my first week home. I shopped bought cute things from stores you DO NOT find in Colorado. I do love the outdoors related approach to fashion, but sometimes I need the girly stuff.

Me, Kim, Sonia and their 2 roommates from college Jenna and Dana went to AC. Ummm it was insane. We ate at a delicious Oyster Restaurant even though Jenna & I each only got 1 oyster, THEN we literally went to every place in the Tropicana, ending with a suprising million hours of gamlbing. I befriended an older guy who let me gamble for him and it was so fun because he had like 6,000 dollars, tried giving me some of it and I was drunk and had an oddly shy way of DENYING the money, like what the hell was I thinking. Whatever, this guy was kinda strange in the end, got kicked out of the casino, hahaha. But we danced on stages and went crazy... the only way you can get in AC.

After AC we went out for Amanda's birthday, and I saw a lot of people I hadn't seen in a while. Seriously everything changes in a matter of months. Everyone seems to be growing up, and it's cool we all still remained friends. It was good seeing everyone, even if at Calloways I saw 70% of Pinelands classes 2001 - 2004. Haha

I've been hanging with Dana a lot, because I joined the gym for a month which was a good decision, Dana and I went shooting (targets, duh) with my Dad. I won 50 bucks she got a dollar hahahaha. She has NO MONEY EVER but I didn't either in school. I love her and could easily find myself living with her one day (if she cleans up the house more than she does now)

My mom and dad have been working but we got a chance to get a MASSIVE Christmas tree. IT IS SICK. It is the most beautiful tree we have ever gotten. Dana and I went shopping with my Dad for my mom, which always is funny because my dad only proclaims the whole time that we're getting "Malled and the Mall" (he hates crowds/malls)

I haven't really sat still. I don't go out much but I keep busy every day basically. I know this is probably sooo boring but no one reads it except maybe a few friends hahaha, if even that. I like writing to remind myself of what I've been up to. Sometimes life goes so fast you forget.

I'm so thankful to have a place I can come back to where everybody knows my name..." hahahahaha Christmas is SOOOO SOON. I CANNOT WAIT. I am so excited to see all my cousins too. I love them and miss them.

I have a job interview when I get back for a Media Production Company AN HOUR AWAY (KILL ME)I vowed after Philly never to drive that far again. But desperate times call for desperrate measures in my case.

I'm seeing Walk Hard TONIGHT and I AM SO EXCITED! Jenna from The Office is in it too and the soundtrack is nost. I'm going to see it with my mom I think, but I just read there's a lot of nudity, ahhh my mom may not like that to much hahaha!


I am hoping 2008 will top 2007, even though it's gonna be hard to top. Maybe the country will do some good and elect a president for the rEVOLution, hint hint. Maybe all of Hollywood will discover birth control and stop reproducing offpsring. Maybe I'll find love in the Rocky Mountains and move into a log cabin like I've always wanted. The scary thing is I don't know where I will be living in a year. But fear is what keeps you going, and I am not ready to stay put yet let alone in one state.

2007 is by far my favorite year yet. Graduating, Backpacking, Cross Countrying, Coloradoing, Hiking, Singleing, Loving, Acapulcoing, Wining, Karaokeing, Changing, Dining, Editing, Being sweet...ingggg... haha. I miss my school friends so much. That was a tough transition but they all are of course doing great with life after college.

Merry Christmas. There's something so nice about Christmastime (minus the pushy shoppers).

Peace Love and all that good stuff!!!


Song of the Day: "Quinn The Eskimo" - Various Artists (mostly Bob Dylan's version)

P.S. - Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant which is horrible and sick. What is this media crazed celebrity slutty ass world coming to?

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