Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Last weekend was Christmas sweater party, AND we did a sweet Fort Collins scavenger hunt where we had to find the most random items evvvver. There were like 70 kids at this house and we rode bikes through the town it was awesome. The Christmas sweater party was classic. We had tacky sweaters, mom pants and a mini-thanksgiving feast. Sunday was pretty lazy. I watched a marathon of America's Next Top Model ha....

My eating well streak ended today when my boss brought in all types of breakfast cakes & pizza... Oh man. It snowed last night too about 5 inches so I don't know if I'm going to my mom's cousins house in Monument tomorrow, ehhh it's sooo far. I will be at the gym tonight without a doubt.

The weekend before we went to Arthurs Rock and tryied Bouldering and we went camping in sub-zero weather. It was siiickkk.

Life has been really fun lately and Sonia comes Monday!

Tonight Molly's running friend Brook is coming over to watch ANTM & make pasta cause her and Molly are running a race tomorrow. It'll be fun.

What to do about going or not going tomorrow, ugh...... So much driving.... AND on mountains. I could just watch Blockbuster movies all day and eat by myself. haha

Thanksgivings not thanksgiving w/o your I'm pretending it's just a day off. My friends out here are basically my pseudo-family.

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