Friday, November 23, 2007

Just a day...

- I can relate. From Postsecret

Just an ordinary day....

Happy Thanksgiving. Woke up watched Molly and Brooke run a sweet race... Spent the day thanking myself basically..... I rented movies ( & the Office), took a bath and read my book, did a face mask, painted toe nails, cleaned my room. It was basically a me day..& went to Brook's met her friend watched shows ate good food. A Colorado Thanksgiving

And I can admit to just pretending I was in a music video to Imogen Heap "The Moment I Said It" in my make-up mirror.

I learned holidays can completely not exist when your spending the day normally.

The end of "Day In The Life" by Beatles clearly is sick if you have head phones on. just saying haha....

Song of the day - "Thank You" Alanis Morrisette

Brewery Tomorrow?

I realize being far away I am so thankful for my family and how much they support my crazy life decisions and dreams, aspirations... and for them giving me the strength to come out here... following their footsteps... I know it's corny but it's true, and I am thankful.

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