Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day after....

Christmas is Over.....

But it was awesome. We ate a delicious turkey dinner (that I missed in CO on Thanksgiving) then we went to church. We started watching a Christmas Story, then my mom and Dana went to bed. My dad and I watched our house get put up until 1 in the morning on a home video! We habe a Modular so it came on 4 huge trucks and took up the whole street. It was so funny, and I can't believe 10 years ago!

Christmas morning was nice as usual. I sorta went all out with buying things for my family, but they were personal things too. I got Dana candles, A Coach clutch she wanted, shirt, make-up bag, yah know. I splurged and got my mom a Coach wallet and she cried of course. My Dad LOVED his Colorado shirt and funny mug and wool socks, he is easily pleased. My Mom and Dad got me a lot of nice stuff, that always makes me feel guilty for ever being a snot to them, haha. A digital camera (which I will begin posting pics on here) It has settings for underwater, sunsets, landscapes, CANDLES?, FOOD, like woah. I got an Ipod Nano that has video (yeeeessssss), clothes, gift certificates, my dad got me 3 awesome books about hiking and quotes etc...Dana got me cute clothes and a calendar and she has better taste than me so I loved them, movies, CDS, make-up etc..... I don't know how I am getting all this back to Colorado!

The anticipation of Christmas is so extreme that now I am saying What Now? I have consistenly been in pajamas since Christmas Eve and reeeeeally know I should goto the gym, but I am sooo content just being home and lounging around. The only thing motivating me to go is using my Ipod there, haha. New Years is soon, and I am looking forward to it, because we are doing what we did last year, but at my friend Chris's house. All my good friends are going and that is all that matters to me. I like to stay at one place on New Year's Eve because you don't have to worry about driving, etc.... and there are No Worries, which is an ingredient for a crazy night. Basically drinking, eating at his house and eventually, if we make it, seeing the ball drop at midnight... I am hoping to still be standing this year.

I have obsessively started reading "Food Blogs" and love reading what people cook. I don't knwo why but I find it interesting, and you know they actually are cooking and eating them because of the pictures and they comment on the recipe's with a personal feel. My favorite is on called 'Eat Like Me". She posts healthy food and also consolidates a lot of meals which I find myself doing.

I wish I knew exactly what I would be doing next year jobwise. It sucks because I love falling into a routine and right now things are pretty much make or break for me. I have an interview, but who knows how that'll go. Looks like I may go back to serving coffee and food if this doesn't pan out. I miss Colorado and work (weirdly enough), and also my daily indulgences out there.

I need a new hobby. So I think I am going to SERIOUSLY start the guitar when I get back out. I couldn't bring it back here.

I miss my school friends a lot and I wanna go out and see them all before I leave. Turns out, not counting New Years, I only have 2 more weekends here and one is upcoming and my cousins are coming down, which will be fun.

I say gym in 2 hours....just....can't.....get out of pajamas.....

song of the day: The Man In The Long Black Coat - Mark Lanegan - "I'm Not There Soundtrack". (I got it for Christmas and I love most of it. I love this cover. It's haunting and his voice is deep.. I have a thing for deep male voices like that country singer that sings "Firecracker" ahhh) I need to see this movie and find a guy with a deep Jeff Tweedy's cover of "Simple Twist of Fate" almost freakishly sounds like a young Bob Dylan. I need to look this guy up. The version he sings sounds like the time Bob Dylan sang this song with the violin back in the 60's. I love Simple Twist of Fat by Bob. It's on my top 10 without a doubt. I don't know all of Bob Dylan's songs covered on here so I can't compare the covers to the originals which is mostly a good thing. Get it though, especcially if you love Bob.

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