Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Veranzano Wine Festival --- Daryl's having her baby in a week!

I'm back in NJ, moved back around August 1st and am so happy with the decision I made. I am loving seeing all my friends, taking part in the fall activities I love with people I love and for the first time in 5 years being home during this time. The job hunt is going slow but I am working part-time at Alliance Video Productions attending bridal shows and doing videography at the weddings. I am happy life is good.

I recently read an article about listing things you want to achieve in your life to better organize yourself. I have only 5 things I want to accomplish before the end of the year, since I feel like this year I was on overload of achieving crazy things. I can check off "move across the country" for sure:

1. Meditate at least once a day for a half and hour... (When I was at Shambhala Mountain Center working, I meditated at least an hour a day, it's funny how my sleeping has changed since being there. Meditation DOES make you sleep better!!!)

2. Get a job to make some profit... (I don't care if it's remedial, I have my video job on the side. I just want to save some then move out again by next year:-)

3. Exercise once a day...( I have a free gym membership for a week because I can't afford the whole one, but I do Loooooove biking)

4. Focus on the NOW.... With so much grief going on in the country right now, I am thankful to have what I have and be where I am. For people my age today it's really rough finding an entry level job, especially in the corporate world. I was lucky to develop my resume so much in Colorado.

5. READ!.... I looove reading but my TV fix was much needed after Shambhala, haha and I lately have been taking full advantage of that! I have Haunted by Chuck Palhanuik, one other by him and Elizabeth, since I am recently a freak about her time period.

That's about it.... Just been going out with my good friends recently, went to a couple festivals, bridal show, trivia @ the bar, CHEG and yeah it's fall and beautiful in Little Egg.

<3 Erin

P.S ~ Vote for Obama..... I'm not very mainstream political but I feel at ease when I picture him as president.

Song of the day- Ray LaMontagne's new CD, listen on Myspace

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