Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Jobless Horseman

To any jobless twenty-somethings, I feel your pain.

So upon my move back to New Jersey, I figured, "eh this job hunting thing cannot be too bad being that I job hunted in a state I had never been before, by myself and without knowing anyone". The truth is, THIS SUCKS. I spend countless hours everyday applying to any and every position remotely related to video production or editing. Some non-profit jobs and some clerical work too. It's almost a mental slap in the face, but to be truthful and cynical, because the truth IS CYNICAL, having only a college degree just doesn't cut it anymore. I'm not even sure if I am doing the right thing by applying online mostly.

AND to make matters worse, this is the most catastrophic economic crisis in decades! You might as well give me not only a slap in the face but a kick in the ass too. If your not in fields such as:

-Government Work

Seyonora my dream of having a loft apartment in Boston with my high paying job at a video production company.... Just a dream I'll have to put on hold until this slump ends or a miracle happens. Wait, but according to mainstream newspaper articles written by 50-somethings stereotyping our generation, our expectations are too high, and we feel we are all special unique little snowflakes, hindering our success rate. My expectation as of now is to make ANY TYPE OF money, and it's your generations fault we're in this mess.
Sorry for the rant....

It's a hard-knock life for us twenty-somethings

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