Tuesday, September 25, 2007


So I am at work right now, and my bosses aren't here so I don't have any new video to edit sooooo I'm killing time. I haven't had to much of an opportunity to write since I moved to CO. I love so much about this part of the country. I loved the way people live, I haven't met one rude/mean person. We've already been hiking camping a couple times and it was beautiful, Old Town is so fun there's always music and of course beer.

I' ma freelance video editor for a small film company who does nationally broadcasted docu-dramas to commercials etc... I love it!

I really miss home though and sadly had to fly back 3 weeks ago because my Grandmother passed away..... It was the hardest thing I ever went through ever. I sang a song at the service as well.

The 2ns half of the week was fun hanging out with Kim Sonia Dana and Max haha and Dana and I went shooting (targets) with my dad. She won money, I won nothing haha.

This past weekend Molly and I rode in Tour De Fat the biggest bike parade ever where you dress up, I was a peacock ha. Fort Collins broke the Guiness Book of World Record for biggest bike parade.

I really wanna see Across The Universe
I really loved Superbad
I reeeeally am obsessed with The Office now

New Music I wanna buy: Eddie Vedder - Into The Wild Soundtrack
Song of the moment: Gorillaz - DARE - it's funky and fresh like me haha
Quote of The Day: “The life of inner peace, being harmonious and without stress, is the easiest type of existence.”

......and i am obsessed with yog aand just bought the sweetest mat. I love going there to be in a completely neutral place and work out as well and it's good for you mentally too. I'm pretty flexible now so yeauh.

"Hug it out bitch"- Erin

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Ryan DeRamos said...

Hi, my name is Ryan and I've stumbled upon your blog! :-)

Eddie Vedder's solo album is awesome, especially with the iTunes bonus tracks. There are a couple of songs that seem too short and incomplete for the first few listens. With or without the band, Ed can do wonders!