Sunday, July 22, 2007

Leaving in a week

--Backpacking White Mountains ~ At the top

So I leave for Fort Collins in exactly one week. I honestly cannot believe I pulled this off. Moving cross-country with basically no-job only drive leading my way. I am most excited for the new scene, new people, and the beauty of CO. With every big step in life there is doubt, but my doubt level is pretty low considering. I am going to miss my family and friends so much. It is going to be weird not knowing my mom and dad can drive up to see me. It's the time to do it and I've never been more sure of something.

I got sunburnt at the beach yesterday, pretty bad. Molly, Cory, Sonia and I went to Mokoto for Sushi, I am determined not to spend any money until I leave, so far so good today (even though it's only 12:00pm). Sonia, Molly and I went back to her house for some classic chimineya action and beers. It was really a great chill night. Sonia is pretty sad I am leaving and so is Kim. You realize how much your going to miss people and I have been doing a lot of saying goodbye lately... I do know who I'm keeping in touch with and I've known all along basically.

Today is another beautiful day, literally perfect outside. I saw two hummingbirds dueling outside it was so cool. Last night there were flying squirels at Mollys. Haha, I want one of those things.

Music of the day:

I am obsessed with the song "Plowed" by Sponge right now. It reminds me of the early 90's like Empire Records-ish music, but I also relate it to the grunge/pop music styles in the early 90's. I picture myself jumping up and down to this song and also I picture speeding down a road when I hear it wearing leggings with wig-wams if we're based in the 90's, haha.

I also realize each day how much I love Bob Dylan's music. It's timeless. I don't care what anyone says he was such a sexy man. The perfect type for me. One of my favorite songs by him is "Simple Twist of Fate". If you listen to it it tells such a great story and the instrumental does not overpower the story. The guitar strums along right in sync with the storyline. How amazing a writer he is. The guy I date has got to have some music talent whether it be knowledge of music or simply he can play an instrument, and I can CLEARLY sing along (my version of a house with a picket-fence and 2.5 children).
My sister is totally obsessed with Harry Potter, and read 400 pages yesterday, I love her obsessions they make me smile.
That's it for now, Peace out

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